Warning- WPA- Woeful pun alert

The following blog contains a variety of puns that may cause the reader to wince and possibly gurn.

The writer assumes no liability for any such reactions and can only apologize for the overuse of such puns.

I have become obsessed with the documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ on Netflix.  Buoy, but the revelations are extraordinary.  It is very current and most certainly makes waves in the fishing industry. Shell I share some of them with you?  From the dolphin friendly tuna labels being a farce to discarded fishing nets. Plastic paraphernalia dumped from trawlers also contribute to marine life death.

I wish that I could unsea some of the horrific scenes. The perpetrators of these horrendous marine crimes need to be held accountable.  Sustainable fishing is a joke. Merely a marketing ploy.

The New York Times emphasizes the rhetoric of the documentary but you cannot argue with the facts that are revealed. Corruption is the new pandemic. Global corporations and governments all benefit from plundering and pillaging our seas.

There is a ray of hope. There are solutions. The sole reason for the destruction of our seas is greed.  Pure unadulterated greed.  Fishing is compared to the gold rush. We don’t need to eat fish.  They belong in the sea.  We have alternatives. We have a choice.  Seaize the day.


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