Animal Group Names- Part 1



♬ Merry-Go-Round of Life (From Howl’s Moving Castle Original Soundtrack) (Live (Remastered)) – Nuvo Orchestra

What a lovely informative, insightful clip.  In case you cannot open it.   Here are the collective pronouns for animals that are shared.

A group of rabbits- A fluffle  (too cute)

A group of Ferrets- A business

A group of vultures- A wake (possibly because if you are not awake when they are circling then you will be a stuffed, or ‘a- dead’. Which incidentally could be the collective noun for a group of people that are asleep beneath several vultures circling?

A group of porcupines- A prickle. No shit Sherlock for this one. Couldn’t have named them better myself. By the way, who thought of these in the first place…Hhhhmmmmm.

A group of sloths- A snuggle. Seriously?? Even cuter than ‘Fluffle’. Or perhaps they could have been called a ‘snooze’ of sloths?

A group of Armadillos – A roll.     Do people that smoke weed use this?    ‘Can you armadillo me up a big boy please?’

A group of platypus-  A paddle. Perfect. Just perfect.

A group of kittens- A kindle.

My least favorite. A group of crows- A murder

A group of Ravens- An unkindness

A gathering of larks- (Love this) An exaltation

A group of rattlesnakes- A rhumba

A group of parrots- A pandemonium

And finally – The process of an Alpaca giving birth- (wait for it….) An unpacking.

Tomorrow’s blog shall feature my very own home-grown collective nouns for your perusal.


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