Sneezy seal day and Viz

Today is a sneezy day for me. I had a swim earlier and as I inhaled salt water; I had a fit of sneezing when I came home. Following two of my sneezes I farted. My two dogs, Buzz and Finn, looked at me with disdain. Yesterday I made a lovely frittata with lots of leeks followed by my now-famous Black Bean Brownies, made from kidney beans. I had a lovely feast but my colon became nuclear later in the evening. Whilst practicing yoga I could not stop farting. I think at one point I saw Buzz’s eyes watering.

Viz has been my favorite comic since it was launched many many moons ago. Johnny Farty Pants has to be the best character. The scene where the climate activists visit his house to ask why the ozone layer has disappeared above it is way before its time. His mother responds by saying that she has suffered chemical burns to her lungs due to her son’s toxic flatulence. It is hard to believe it began in 1979 and went National in 1985.

A dear friend gifted me the Viz, War and P*ss Profanisaurus with a foreword by Professor Cox. It is without doubt the rudest book on the planet.

All the best

Stay fab