Squirrels go nuts

Wearing a backpack and headphones I watched transfixed as the squirrel busied itself.   Just to clarify I was the one wearing the backpack and headphones. I was listening to a wellness podcast and they were discussing the proclivity of allergies among people of all ages in the world today. Particularly nuts. As I gazed at the squirrel burying his nuts (must have been very painful) I began to think that squirrels may well succeed in world domination someday.  As nut allergies may claim us all. But squirrels will be unscathed.

The next episode in the podcast went onto wellbeing and mental health. But with a different angle to what a lot of us are hearing nowadays. It was discussing how our true nature can be so well hidden beneath all the conditioning from an early age.  I could relate to what they were saying.    But my favorite bit was when they were highlighting how hiding the part of our nature that can be silly, childish and even crazy can be doing us a disservice.

That unleashing the ‘crazy’ every now and then is liberating and can even help our immune system.   It was music to me ears.  That’s it.   All I needed was an excuse. I’m off now to howl at the moon tonight.  And if anyone asks, I can just say that it was the voices in my head that made me, do it.   Bring on the crazy.  All day long.


That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.