I made a woeful mistake today. I ‘m fairly good at them but this was in a different category altogether. When I told my friend she exhibited very restrained schadenfreude. I had prefaced the confession with the admission that I am a complete gobshite. There really was no saving face or coming back from it.

I had been chatting with my friend last month and she mentioned that the mother of one of the girls we know had passed away.  There is a group of us that get together for a reunion about once a year and within the group two of the girls have very similar names.

See, where I am going here? Anyhoo, I sent my condolences to the wrong person for the passing of their Mam.  She graciously messaged me back and corrected me saying that her Mam was fine.  I was mortified and returned the message with the humblest of apologies.

We attempted to dissect last month’s conversation to try and analyze how I could have gotten it wrong. The miscommunication did become apparent but it was still my responsibility at the time to clarify the news. I now realize that when I am being given grievous news, I really need to clarify the information. Or else stick my fingers in my ears and sing ‘La, la, la, la,’ in a high-pitched voice to prevent any further screw ups.

That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.