Star Wars May The 4th be with you

George Lucas has a lot to answer for.  Little did he realize that in 1977 his movie would become a 70-billion-dollar industry.  Nine films later it’s hard to believe that it began with a trilogy, then a prequel trilogy and finally a sequel trilogy. Lucas eventually sold his production company to Disney in 2012. It is currently the fifth highest grossing media franchise of all time.

Imagine my surprise and glee when I went to search for a funny Star Wars image and I found the cookie monster.  He seems to follow me everywhere and has appeared now in at least 4 of my blogs. Besides the fact that I am a bit obsessed with him I cannot believe that he is in this picture.

With the internet asking us every day if we accept cookies, I really see a missed opportunity here. Why isn’t the cookie monster asking us?  It would make my internet searching much more pleasurable.

So, this is an official plea to Sesame Street to ask the Cookie Monster if he can represent the ‘Do you accept cookies’ pop up around the world?  I know that he is very busy and that there are cookies to be eaten but this would be a very valuable global service that he could offer.

Let me know if you support my campaign. I will see if I can hashtag it.

Cookies away.

That’s all for now

Stay fab