Time travel machine recall

Warning- Giggle free content

The following content must be read with the knowledge that no giggles shall ensue.

Apparently, all time travel machines for sale in your local electrical superstore have been re called. The year 2020 is being removed from the algorithm. No shit Sherlock.   It’s been a helluva a year and the vast majority of us have been white knuckling it. If you have discovered the secret to spiritual enlightenment throughout this period you are on Zenax, if not, you are on Xanax.   One of my personal fav memes is that we can come out of this as a ‘Monk, hunk, chunk or drunk’.   As it is a sexist statement, I would like to amend it to ‘Nun, hun, a ton or undone’.It’s not funny and I am not being glib. But it is polarizing and all that we knew and know is requiring re consideration. I have always been a conspiracy theory fan but in this instance, I subscribe to the belief that we are experiencing a global pandemic. It’s easy to say ‘let kindness prevail’ but sometimes just being there for myself is about all I can muster. I count my blessings every day but I have shitty days too and I am allowing myself to have these also.

That’s all for now.

Mind yourself and be safe