Tree Hugging

Today I was stealth tree hugging.  I needed one and there were plenty of willing trees in the forest at Malahide Castle. I had to be careful. I didn’t want anyone to see me in case they would think that I am some kind of pseudo weird hippy loving tree hugger. Which I am. But I am not ready to come out of the forest as yet.

(WPA-Woeful pun alert – the following text may contain some toe-curling cringe worthy forest puns; the author bears no responsibility for any distress caused).

I have tried branching out as Buzz and Finn (my two Morkie dogs) are amazing huggers. However, they fail to supply the same endorphins that I experience from union with nature. Maybe I am barking?   Again, I believe that this is true.    I have tried to leave the forest without a tree hug and invariably feel less than fulfilled when I do.

Being poplar does not concern me. I may be sappy but I have decided to embrace my weirdness. When I resist the urge, I find myself pining for my tree hugs.

OK, I will stop now with the puns.


That’s all for now

Stay fab