Weird Habits Part 1

The French composer ‘Erik Satie’ only ate white food. Who knew?

Apparently, celebrities have an untold number of weird habits.  Maybe just like the rest of us?   I am not averse to a weird habit myself. Picking up my dog poo is one.  Nobody else seems to think it is a good idea.

Also using my indicator whilst driving to indicate where I am going.  Again, it does not seem to be very popular. I find that my powers of telepathy come in really handy when this happens. Ok, you guessed I am having a bad day.


The following are some of the more notable weird habits.

  1. Sandra Bullock- Hemorrhoid cream on her face. I tried it and sustained burns beneath my eyes.  What a gobshite – I hear you murmur.


  1. Brad Pitt- Doesn’t use soap. I (like many others I am sure) would be more than content to overlook this rather unsanitary habit.   Given that it is Brad Pitt.     Only Brad Pitt could get away with this.  Oh, and Bradley Cooper- maybe it’s a Brad thing. Or not a Brad thing to use soap? Even that pun made me wince.


  1. Keisha- Used to drink her own urine. This appears to be common enough. Maybe she lived in Ireland for some time?   One of our favorite phrases is ‘Are you taking the piss?’, meaning, ‘Are you having a laugh?’.    Perhaps she took it literally?


That’s all for now

Stay fab