Weird habits Part 2

  1. Demi Moore- uses leeches to suck her blood.  Leeches have been used and are still being used in clinical practice to renew a blood supply to skin tissue that may be dying. Apparently, Demi uses it as a skin rejuvenation method.    Well, you only have to look at her to see that it works. However, I can imagine that it would not be to everyone’s taste. Having large black slimy slug like leeches sucking the blood from your face would not be my slimy cup of tea.


2. Cameron Diaz- Opens doors with elbows. Obviously, Cameron had a crystal ball and could envision the impending pandemic. She was way ahead of the posse with regards to infection control techniques.


3. Catherine Zeta Jones- brushes teeth with strawberries.     This is a weird one. What’s wrong with toothpaste?   Maybe this is what the cavemen and women did?   But how did they cope with removing the strawberry pips from between their teeth?   I doubt if ‘Flossing’ was a Neanderthal practice?   Although, who knows?


4. Tom Cruise – Uses Nightingale poop on his face.  Without a doubt this has to be my favorite.  And it just sounds ‘So Tom’.   Not just any bird poop?     But Nightingale poop. Not pigeon poop. Not raven poop.


MPA (Movies pun alert) however it must be a Risky Business sourcing said poop.  Although I am sure it was not a Mission Impossible.    He must be in a state of pure Oblivion whilst it is absorbing into his skin.  Ok I will stop now,

Stay fab