Whoops Hypothermia Part 2

I got into the car and blasted on the heat. When I got home, I ran a really hot bath and stayed in it for 2 hours, constantly topping it up with hot water.  When I got out, I was still shivering.

Buzz and Finn are my two lovely dogs and I couldn’t remember Finn’s name.  I was calling him Fizz. I put on my electric blanket and crawled into bed.  Buzz and Finn needed to be let out for the loo.  When I got up my vision was blurred and I was dizzy.

Apparently the two things that you are not supposed to do with hypothermia are getting into hot water or use warming electrical appliances. Who knew?   I have never cared for anyone with hypothermia so was clueless.   It wasn’t until I could focus enough after 18 hours sleep the next day that I checked the symptoms and the treatment on my phone.

The final physical insult was in getting out of bed I needed to fart.  Then I wasn’t so sure that it was a fart.  It was touch and go, but the sheets were saved.  I could not eat for 2 days.  Lost 3kgs throughout the week, we hey.

And I still want to get back into the sea once this icy cold snap dispels.  As I like to say the sea is my frequensea.


That’s all for now

Stay fab