Whoops Hypothermia Part 1

This day last week I got hypothermia from sea swimming. Doh. I am sure someone like Dave McSavage the brilliant Irish curmudgeon of a comedian would be delighted to hear as he has been publicly (and hilariously) vociferous in his distaste for Irish sea swimmers #therealdavemcsavage .

It wasn’t the fault of the sea. As it was as cold as it has been for the last few months. I didn’t even stay in all that long. But possibly long enough to make a woeful decision upon changing.  It was pure gobshitery on my part.

I had not had the pleasure of sitting with my friends at Low Rock, by the sea, in our director’s chairs for quite a while. I decided that the spiritual fulfillment of our chat was more important than being warm. One of the girls had taken a half day which made the prospect of a chat even more inviting. I was cold, but not freezing.

Error number one was that I forgot my thermal socks, so my toots were actually freezing.  I had 3 thermal layers on and my coat and I realize now that I could have possible done with another layer.

We sat for about 45 minutes and as I left, I was feeling very cold. The girls stayed on.  Another part of me, foolishly, didn’t want to seem like a Diva. I know stupid or what?  Am off to warm meself, just thinking of it gives me the shivers. Part 2 tomorrow.

That’s all for now

Stay fab