World Ocean Day

To celebrate World Ocean Day today I posted the following on Twitter. Seaze the day is also the name of one of my short stories but as I like the term so much, I felt the need to re-use it.

Seaze the Day

The sea pulses within me.

It is my frequen-sea.

I bathe in its ecsta-sea.

And exalt in its serenity.


Walking Buzz and Finn on the beach is my happy place. Collecting oyster shells is also something that I enjoy doing on my walks. They are on display on the ground and on the window sill outside my home. The shell in the picture has to be the most beautiful one that I have ever seen as the colors of bronze and gold inside the shell are so vivid.

I would also like to re-visit my poem -The Abalone Sea.

The Abalone Sea

My soul wails seeking solace

From the grime and the menace

As I hear the ocean chorus

I am drawn to my bliss

The gulls call me

Beckoning to their abalone sea

Aquamarine soul energy

Clambering through the dunes joyfully

My bare feet curl on the ribs of sand

I witness the ocean wave its cresting hand

The graceful sea grass whispers to my mind

Taste the sea air, inhale, unwind.

My angst begins to unfurl

My empty shell becoming impearled

The ocean’s labradorite hues become my world

As I glisten within becoming a little girl



Here is a picture of the Abalone shell from New Zealand. One of the most beautiful shells in the world.

All the best

Stay Fab