World Sleep Day

Happy World sleep day.    I hope that you have slept your head off and have awoken from the most glorious dream.  Where you have been banished from the ‘Land of St. Patrick’s Day Hangovers’ and are now resident in ‘Easter Bunny Land’.  Where fwuffy wabbitts – with lisps- bounce around eager for you to sample their vast array of chocolate eggs.

The best thing about this wondrous land is that no matter how many chocolate eggs you eat your body shape will never alter. Nobody cares what anyone looks like in Easter Bunny Land as the Easter Egg Hunt is a daily event where the golden egg is much sought after.    Promises of a fairy-tale kingdom are rewarded to the finder of this golden egg.    However, the attention span of the wabbitts in ‘Easter Bunny Land’ to their quest for finding the egg is somewhat limited as they are ‘at it like rabbits’, all day long.

I didn’t imbibe on Paddy’s Day. But I did eat a suspicious mushroom in a field earlier on today? This may explain the rambling.   I am off to bed to have some serious bunny rabbit dreams. Just need to sample an Easter egg first as a quality assurance exercise.

That’s all for now

Chocs away

Stay fab