The above JP Sears video has been featured before but as it is so good, I feel that it merits sharing twice.

I was reminded today whilst discussing mindfulness with a friend of my attempts to meditate a few months ago that failed dismally. It was a 15-minute Sadhguru mediation and for some reason I could not get into it. However, I believe that it is excellent if you can.


After a few minutes I was berating myself for my poor attempt. I have decided to call it ‘zenitis’.   The bizarre thing is that my propensity for daydreaming is finely honed. However, it seems that aiming to do it at will -as in meditating-is a lost cause.

Lately I have been trying ‘walking meditation’ when I bring Buzz and Finn for their walks.  It can be hard to maintain concentration when I am picking up 4 rounds of poo.  But then I thank my maker for my lovely pooches, their health and all the furry canine functions that go with that.  After all, shit happens.

Yesterday I completed my dog walk and poo picking up. The bin was 100 yards away and I was pretty much laden down with their leavings. I spotted a cute guy walking towards me and became acutely aware of how unattractive someone with almost a shopping bag of poo must look like.

The fact that I had been swinging it before I spotted him made it worse.    When he passed by me, he said’ Hi, I see you have your hands full’. I attempted to laugh coquettishly and failed. To make matters worse I snorted.

My reply was ‘It’s a shit job but somebody has to do it’.  We wished each other a lovely day as I made my way to the bin to dispose of said poo. Buzz and Finn had redeemed themselves by wagging their tails and being extra friendly towards the lovely stranger.

That’s all for now

Stay fab