Seagull alarm

Warning- (WPA) Woeful pun alert

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog- The following will contain many woeful puns which may be harmful to some readers.  If you suffer from ‘Punitis’- as I do, and are seeking therapy for same- please proceed with caution.  Many of these puns are gurn and wince inducing.

This poor man in this article is being driven to distraction due to lack of sleep. This is caused by a seagull rattling his letter box every day 2 hours before he is due to awaken.

The irony of the fact is that he is an energy salesman which quacks me up.    Why doesn’t he just call into his workplace and admit that he has no energy to go to work due to lack of sleep?

An eagle-eyed postman maintains that it must be that the seagull sees his reflection in the shiny post box. It has to be so unpheasant and hawkward for Mr.Finnon and getting out of a lovely warm bed to stop it must be a daily wren-ch.

I heard after this article was published that the gull took a tern for the worse when its beak got stuck in the letterbox.  Mr.Finnon was flapping- as was the bird- whilst he tried to release it. It is believed that the family are on the brink of going stork raven mad.


Ok, I will now stand away from the puns.

Must fly

Stay fab