Zoom Narcolepsy meeting

When I was chatting with a friend the other day, he mentioned that he was the facilitator of a zoom narcolepsy meeting. I asked him how long it took.  He answered with what I had considered the answer to be.   ‘Rather a long time’.

I then asked him how he minuted the meeting and his answer was ‘With great difficulty, as every one of the members is nodding off intermittently’. I know that it must be a dreadful affliction and that many suffer from it.

Over the years whilst attending meetings that were interminably long, I had dreamt of having narcolepsy.  Just to have an excuse for nodding off mid meeting as I was never a midday napper.

It appears that my wish has come back to bite me in the arse. I now find myself doing it every now and then. I call mine a ‘power nap’. As at least that infused the act with some degree of energy. As opposed to the more obvious reason for occasionally nodding off which, let’s be honest, is often age related.

However, I have now decided to call my naps ‘Beauty naps’. As the whole ‘power’ thing was a bit overrated and I have never really felt all powered up after having one.     The ‘Beauty nap’ works well for me.    I am off to have one now.     Zzzzzzzzz.

That’s all for now


Stay fab