Dramatic dogs


The lovely dog in this clip most definitely deserves an Oscar. As dramatic dogs can get, he is top notch.  Who know maybe his name is Oscar? Getting his nails clipped is obviously not his most favorite task.

I have seen other videos where the dog owner wraps cellophane around her forehead and then proceeds to coat her cellophane forehead with peanut butter. It is really rather innovative as the dog can then be distracted by having its nail clipped by licking the peanut butter from its owner’s head.  Well, they say that necessity is the mother of all invention.

I am constantly reminded of how I underestimate the intelligence of my two dogs, Buzz and Finn.  Buzz is four and a half years of age and Finn is two.  As such Finn is much thinner than Buzz as he races around the beach and the park like his ass is on fire for over 40 minutes. Lately I have begun giving extra treats to Finn just to bulk him up a bit.

Buzz has cottoned onto the fact that Finn is getting more treats.  Whenever I am dishing out the treats Buzz will now leave his treats to go for Finn’s first. It is remarkable. Now that I have mentioned peanut butter, I am off to get me some.


Nuts away.

That’s all for now


Stay fab