500th Blog and Biden’s Fart


I think it is fitting that in honour of my favourite and most popular poem- Kim Kardashian’s Arse,  I honour my 500th blog with this one.

It is ribald, and bawdy.  Just my style. A friend of mine says that I am all about the ass, and I suppose she is right. Somebody sent me the video of Biden farting and I felt he needed my support considering the opposition that he is running against.

Imagine if Trump married Stormy Daniels, she would be Stormy Trump. Sorry, not sorry.

Biden’s Fart Video




Biden’s Fart

He let one rip

On a diplomatic trip

The crowd were gathered

And their eyes watered

Some had chemical burns to their lungs

As they clenched their bums

Maybe his trump was a salute to Donald

And how he should be honoured

In that Biden farts in his general direction

At his criminal intent for reelection

His time in office and relentless corruption

With thirty-four criminal charges, an impressive selection

So, Biden farted, it shows he is human

A flawed, and farty political specimen

Maybe the salute was going too far

It was somewhat bizarre

But a farty President is better than a crook Who has broken every law in the book

As long as he didn’t follow through

We have all done it. Haven’t you?



By Adele Leahy