Abalone Sea

I wrote this poem today as whenever I am by the sea it’s beauty and majesty never cease to take my breath away. One of my favorite quotes ‘So many things are locked in wordlessness’ which is a Steinback quote, aptly names the experience.

As well as a recent phrase I read which described humans as being limited by our senses. Words cannot even begin to describe the experience but I had to try. I hope you enjoy.


Abalone Sea

My soul wails seeking solace

From the grime and the menace

As I hear the ocean chorus

I am drawn to my bliss

The gulls call me

Beckoning to their abalone sea

Aqua marine soul energy

Clambering through the dunes joyfully

My bare feet curl on the ribs of sand

I witness the ocean wave its cresting hand

The graceful sea grass whispers to my mind

Taste the sea air, inhale, unwind.

My angst begins to unfurl

My empty shell becoming impearled

The ocean’s labradorite hues become my world

As I glisten within becoming a little girl