Acts of Mindfulness Part One

I received this Penguin Mindfulness book as a gift from my niece, and I pick it up when I need a giggle. Mindfulness and Menopause seem to be endlessly discussed over the last five years. The cynic in me will say that mindfulness used to be going for a walk, walking the dog, daydreaming, and gazing at a tree or a flower, but these days it must be a more intentional practice. And I get it; mental health is now at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Meditation is a key practice, but I must admit that I am not very good at it. Inevitably zenitis will set in at some stage as my dogs start barking at passers-by. Maybe I need to teach them to meditate with me, or just not bark?

I felt the urge to research mindfulness jokes for these two blogs, so here goes. Some are good, and some are woeful, so apologies in advance.

– Ok, these jokes may be bad. But please don’t roll your third eye at me.

-Non-meditator: ‘Don’t just sit there, do something! Meditator: ‘Don’t just do something; sit there!

– What pop music does a spiritualist listen to? Chakra Khan,

– Knock, Knock. – Who’s there? – A Shaman- Shaman who? – Shaman you for not letting me in. (Shame on you, geddit?)


I will stop now as they are getting too cringe for me.

All the best

Stay fab