Alternative Bond Girls names

When I started my blog last year, I got into some trouble for posting an RIP for Sean Connery.   I was aware that he had committed domestic violence but still felt the need to wish that he rest in peace.

Condoning domestic violence was never my intention and it brought up the debate regarding actors, artists and popstars that have died and had committed criminal activity.

Some were guilty, some were not.   Picasso received stolen goods; Caravaggio murdered somebody. Tim Allen was found guilty of drunk driving and cocaine possession.

Will Smith committed an aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy. Jay Z-stabbed somebody.  Mark Wahlberg was charged with murder and racist hatred and 50 Cent was caught for drug dealing assault and battery.

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In my blog I mentioned the following

‘As Pussy Galore is such a great name what about a Greek villain by the name of Phallus Generous?  Holly Goodhead from Moonraker could have a Chinese villain by the name of Muff Munch.  Or finally Chew Mee in The Man with the Golden Gun could have had an Irish villain by the name of Nosh O’ Tool’.

Since then, a few more have come to me. A villain named Dick Largesse? Or Handcock/Hancock. Whoops that is already somebody’s real second name. Excuse me.

Pussy Galore played by Honor Blackman in Goldfinger has to be my all-time favorite Bond girl.


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