Billy Connolly

I love this man as many, many millions of others do. The first joke I heard that had me in a fit of giggle was told by Billy Connolly on The Parkinson Show on BBC. He was describing an event that he was at where he did not feel very welcome, saying- I felt about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. To this day, I am quite impressed that I even got the joke. At about eight years old,  I must have understood the physics of methane wafting around a balloon-type suit containing a human. To this day, it still makes me smile.

Humour is a valuable tool for me to deal with challenging circumstances that may arise. A very dear aunt who passed away was very anxious in her last few years. I recall visiting her when she described every pain and ache from her head to her toes. In a bid to fix everything, I mentioned that I knew a well-known Gerontologist in Beaumont Hospital that could see her. My Aunt declined the help, and I got very upset. Her anxiety and not being able to help her really affected me.

Catherine Tate’s Nan character came up on my YouTube, and I decided to imagine myself in the sketch when I next visited my Aunt. I would be the nephew/niece played by Mathew Horne. My dear Aunt would be Nan. Even though it was a crazy idea, it really helped to quell my anxiety from then on.

All the best

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