Barbie and Ken

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are busy promoting their new Barbie movie. I adore both actors but have never been a Barbie fan. Everything about the movie is pink, which is my least favourite colour. I try to be more punk than pink.

Below is the link to the trailer.

I am not a girly girl, never have been, and never will be. But the above joke did make me smile. Between a Barbie movie and the Lego movie. What is next? Marvel Comics seems to have exhausted its superhero repertoire. I did hear last week that they are doing a Barney movie. But this is a Barnie movie with a twist, as it is for adults. Apparently, it is very dark indeed. Daniel Kaluuya plays the lead, and he is an amazing actor.

If we are going down the route of an adult style Barnie movie, maybe we could have a Teletubby Horror Movie or The Wombles of Wimbledon getting whacked on weed? The possibilities are endless.

Zig and Zag must be Ireland’s most famous puppet duo. They are unashamedly rude, insulting, and irreverent, and it is very hard not to adore them. When they have interviewed celebrities over the years, they need to have a good sense of humour as Zig and Zag will rip them apart.

And just because I am obsessed with Robin Williams, here are Zig and Zag interviewing the great man himself on the Big Breakfast. I cannot believe I found it. Enjoy.

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