Biologist Nan Hauser’s Life Was Saved by a Humpback Whale Part 2

Warning – Non funny content.  And (WPA) Woeful Pun Alert. Maybe the whale hug may make you smile…… And Ellen speaking whale ( as in her character ‘Dory’ in ‘Finding Nemo’)

Oh, and by the way if you feel the need to let me know that Ellen’s show is soon to end because of issues on the set.  I am aware of same and do not need to be admonished to be seemingly supporting her.

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Nan must have been feeling Fin-tastic following all of these encounters.

The means by which these astounding mammals find their way is extraordinarily so-fish-ticated.  Whales navigate primarily by using the tilt of the axis of the earth which is 23.439.

They use this angle to turn and all of its multiples. Where the earth is in comparison to the sun and the moon also plays a factor in their navigation.    There are also theories that they have magnetic sensors that effectively provide a biological compass as well as intra cellular gravity sensors.

I would love to have a magnetic sensor implanted into my brain as sometimes the Satellite Navigation in my car drives me demented. Ancestral DNA memory has also been postulated to contribute to the knowledge of their migratory path.

The fact that they remain an endangered species is no sea-cret.  Nan goes onto describe that their journey is most likely both celestial and mathematical.

Perhaps we can ask the universe and the global powers that be to agree upon legislation to stop fishermen placing their nets in their migratory path?  We could help protect these beautiful mammals.

Maybe someday it will be oh-fish-ial.    Let minnow if you have any more wonderful whale facts.    And just to end on a note of whimsy.

Where would you find a down and out calamari?

On Squid row.

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