Biologist Nan Hauser’s Life Was Saved by a Humpback Whale Part 1

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The Biologist Nan Hauser appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to recount her amazing whale experience which occurred in 2017.

Warning – Non funny content.  And (WPA) Woeful Pun Alert. Maybe the whale hug may make you smile…… And Ellen speaking whale (as in her character ‘Dory’ in ‘Finding Nemo’)

Oh, and by the way if you feel the need to let me know that Ellen’s show is soon to end because of issues on the set.  I am aware of same and do not need to be admonished to be seemingly supporting her.

This video has to be my favorite (non-funny) video.  It was a Ray of sunshine when I discovered it. The story and information regarding whales and their behavior is extraordinary and caused me to in-whale and ex-whale deeply (Ok, really sorry about that one, as it is truly woeful) .  It is hard to believe that the humpback whale Orca- strated this rescue.

I have paraphrased here as I needed to write down this incredible information for my own posterity. The following events took place throughout the course of a year.

The whale

– saved her from a possible attack from an 18-foot tiger shark

-gives her a whale hug a few days later (on her birthday)

– recognizes her 1 year later

Nan Hauser goes on to explain that from satellite tagging scientists have discovered that when whales migrate, they follow a linear constant course segment.  Which essentially means a straight line.

And here is the unbelievable part. I’m not codding you. They do not even deviate by a degree for thousands of kilometers. If they took a direct route their migratory journey would be 4,000 kms long.

Part 2 tomorrow


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