Black Betty by Ram Jam

Headshaking to Black Betty

What a choon. I just adore this video as the song brings back so many memories. Here it is in the original version with no less than 231 million views.

Big up to all ye rockers out there.  This is an incredible funked up DJ Mix but it is still unmistakably ‘Black Betty’ by Ram Jam.

As a youngster I had long hair and I loved nothing more than shaking it to songs like this. One of my proudest moments was teaching my younger sister to headshake in a night club in Lahinch, County Clare, Ireland in the 80’s.

The dance floor of the club was bowed with all the drink that had been spilt on it over the years.  I distinctly recall being on my knees – always my favorite position- and shaking my head to this song until it felt like it was going to fall off.

One of the tricks I recall when headshaking standing up was to stand hip width apart and be very strong in my stance to prevent myself from falling over. I do believe I taught my sister well although at the time I most probably considered her headshaking talents to be of a novice standard.

I’m off to headshake to Blue Oyster Cult ‘Don’t fear the Reaper’.


All the best

Stay Fab