Pearl Jam

Crikey ,I seem to have fallen down a rock’n roll hole.  Or perhaps I am on a rock’n roll roll?   (That’s bad. Even by my standards). After all this is my second blog paying homage to some of my favorite rockers.  This is completely self-indulgent and I make no apologies for the rabbit hole which I am still unwilling to climb out of.

‘Alive’ by Pearl Jam has to be one of the greatest rock songs ever. Here is a live BBC recording from 1992.

The overly serious nature of the presenter is quite funny considering who she is introducing.   She may as well have announced the winner of The World Knitting Championship. The lead singer Eddie Vader has long been considered to be one of the best vocalists. Besides RIP Chris Cornell from Soundgarden.

As I was researching Mr. Vedder it was lovely to discover that he is one of the nicest men in Rock. Altruism and philanthropy for social and political causes are very close to his heart.

His greatest passion besides music is surfing and many of his songs have references to the sea in them. He is one of the few grunge vocalists that never fell victim to substance abuse. For some reason, unbeknownst to myself I felt the need to juxtapose the BBC recording with this video of Pearl Jam playing live.

It gives me serious goosebumps.  Eddie’s stage diving has to be unparalled. He almost made it into a Red Bull Extreme Sport event.  I cannot imagine anybody rivalling his skills.

All the best

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