Whilst I was nurse training one of my sisters was working in Moscow. I loved writing to her and as Head of our class I also loved giving her the gossip re our training.

We were all nervous as our nursing registration finals were looming. Our Nurse tutor had a propensity for going off on tangents whilst teaching us and delivering anecdotes.

I was tasked with the job of asking him to give us further lessons as we all felt that we would not pass our finals. I am glad to say that he took my request with candor and grace and we all passed.

In one of my letters to my sister I had mentioned that sometimes we all wanted to fall asleep during his anecdotes. My sister came home to attend my graduation and I was so happy to see her and to meet her new boyfriend.

After I gave my speech on our graduation night my tutor asked me up for the obligatory dance. Once finished he took me to my seat and my sister introduced her boyfriend. He stood up and said ‘Hello, you must be the very interesting tutor? My tutor blushed. As did I. My sister must have told her boyfriend of the challenges we had.

Saying all that he was a very kind and gracious man. We were lucky to have him as a tutor.

All the best

Stay Fab