Blackadder and the Aardvark

I read today that there was a new baby aardvark born in Longleat zoo in the UK recently.  As an adult it is such a strange looking animal and I am not sure if it looks any better as a new-born. I suppose if it ate frogs instead of ants its nose would look different. But that’s nature for you.

Whenever I hear the word ‘Aardvark’ I am forever reminded that it is the first word in the English dictionary and a funny word that I love. My memory then immensively goes to the Blackadder sketch where Samuel Johnson has just written the first English dictionary. Blackadder then proceeds to take great delight in messing with his head by conjusting meaningless words on the spot. Such as the ones that I have just mentioned.

Making up words is an acquired skill and one that I am working on. Weaving them into a conversation whilst keeping a straight face is possibly the most charvasing  skill but once attained I am sure that it is well worth the effort.

Hugh Laurie as the Prince Regent in Black adder is one of my favorite characters ever. It is not hard to believe that he went onto international superstardom with the series ‘House’. The writing of Blackadder was (in my mind) in the realm of Monty Python.   Just pure redulcitrant silliness underscored by genius writing.

How many made up words did you find in this blog?

That’s all for now

My sincerest contrafibularities

Stay fab