Bossy Dogs  My predilection for all things dog related is probably obvious from my many blogs referencing them in all their friendliness and cuteness.

I am guessing I post a doggie story at least once a week.    Their intelligence continues to astound me.    I love the bossy dog in this video placing his paw on top of the small dog’s head to get him to sit so that they can both get treats.   They may even outsmart us ? Who Knows ?

Just like the Gary Larson cartoons perhaps their  loyalty, friendliness and cuteness is merely a foil to conceal the fact that they are even more intelligent than humans?   Planning to overturn the world ?   I can think of worse things than Canine Overlords telling us to play ‘Fetch’ and calling us ‘Good Boy’ or ‘Good Girl’ when they eventually take over the planet.

Maybe they are in cahoots with the chickens?    The chickens would definitely enjoy cutting off our arms and legs, coating them in a spicy breadcrumb mixture to deep fry them for their snack time whilst watching their favorite movie ‘Chicken Run’.  I wonder what happens amongst chickens when one of their own display’s cowardice ?  They can hardly call them chicken ?

That’s all for now

Stay fab