Driving Miss Daisy


‘I was trying to watch ‘Driving Miss Daisy ‘and ‘Bangkok Chick boys’ came on instead’.  This clip gives me the serious giggles.

The first time I saw this episode with Sally Phillips I was in shock.  Once I stopped laughing.  It was her acting.  She didn’t seem like she was acting at all. I was in awe of her skill.    Alan Partridge , or ‘Steve Coogan’ as we know him is always hilarious  but Sally Philips was such a lovely surprise.    I would love to know how many takes they had to do to capture this scene.    Even now when I watch it I still cannot believe that she is acting.

I watched ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ the other week.    It is such a beautiful movie.  It seemed to inform my weekend in a weird way.    Whenever I was out driving everyone was driving at approx 30mph.   Primarily for the reason that they were behind cyclists and could not overtake them.  I found myself saying ‘ Why I might as well be walking’.     But instead of getting angry I decided to enjoy the coastal view.    No resentments for me towards cyclists.    No Siree.     I just hope that those who held up a mile of traffic are still extremely sore from their cycling lyra onesie  chaffing in the heat.    No Siree.    No resentments for me.

That’s all for now

Stay fab