Sloth takes a boat ride

What is better than a sloth taking a boat ride? Nothing. Really. In my opinion.

There I was surfing YouTube (as I do on occasion) when along came this video.  I cannot recall if I was feeling particularly despondent at the time but my mood immediately perked up.    Everyone nowadays pontificates re the virtues of mindfulness. At that moment in time, I did not realize that the one thing that would offer me bliss would be watching a sloth on a boat ride running his hand through the river.

I adore sloths. Ever since I watched ‘Ice Age’ I fell in love with them.    ‘Sid the Sloth’ is my kinda guy.  Well intentioned, kind, funny with a smidgen of eccentricity thrown in for good luck.

The fact that the sloth is doing something that a human would do is alarming. But then again lately I seem to be happening upon more and more examples of animals eliciting behavior that was previously only seen in humans.

All I need now to make my life complete is to see a sloth on the back of a humpback whale with a scuba tank so that he can stay on his back whilst the whale dives beneath the sea. Maybe they can add that into the next Ice Age movie?  I ‘ll email them my suggestion and let you know how I get on.

That’s all for now

Stay fab