Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Apparently, I missed the missive on January 25th announcing ‘Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day’. I am devastated as I had bought a 3-meter roll in preparation. Fully prepared and intent on popping those bad boys for the entire day.  And just to be extra rock’n roll having a bowl of rice krispies to make everything go ‘Snap, Crackle and Pop’.

I had also planned to listen to pop music whilst wearing my pop socks. Ok, I am getting a little bit carried away here but seriously?   Who thinks of this stuff?  Excuse me whilst I pop over to the wall to bang my head against it.

There is a gazillion, metra tetra quintetra (OK I may have made the last one up) other possible choices for National days besides popping bubble wrap. What about tin foil? How could we leave that beautiful aluminum roll without a mention? Where would we be without it? Roasts and baking left uncovered?  Cooks and bakers left bereft?

I started to think about our national vegetable the humble potato and why it does not have its own national day.  And upon further research it does- August 19th.  You are welcome.  I know now that your day is complete upon being able to plan a buttery potatoes feast on August 19th.  Spuds away.

That’s all for now

Stay fab