Celebrity Fashion Up Cycle Off

Okay, so lots of celebrities are taking part in various programs on television where they compete against each other. They can either bake, do wood craft or now the latest is crafting pottery. Seeing them as they develop their new skills and have a few laughs along the way with the presenters and the judges is always worth watching.

Often, they’re finished pieces can be awe inspiring considering that they were relative amateurs before they took part in the show.  It’s always nice to see someone you like and admire out of their normal environment and facing a new challenge.

  I started to think about other crafts or skills that the celebrities could put their minds to. Fashion up cycling came to mind. Apparently, it’s quite the thing now.

In this picture the lady is actually wearing a pair of customized Y fronts which she has transformed into a bra vest top. Perhaps she has invented the new ‘Y’ bra.

This picture details a pair of stilettos where the heels that were broken are replaced with toy dinosaurs. The opportunities for design seem to be endless. I hope the wearer doesn’t have dino- sore feet (forgive my dreadful pun affliction).

If this idea wasn’t a goer maybe celebrity Christmas card making might work. Or perhaps another inspiring craft I believe is arm knitting where the person uses their arms as knitting needles. The opportunities are endless and I look forward to more laughs and giggles with my fav celebs.

That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.