Google was perplexed

I asked Google a question today which it was unable to answer.  My screen then froze for about 5 minutes.  I thought that it was miffed.  Then I realized with a degree of embarrassment that it is only a search engine and not a form of artificial intelligence. I was intrigued and decided to think up a few more conundrums to outwit it.


  1. Do unicorns google? – No answer
  2. What is the density of a shadow- No answer
  3. Does Trump have a soul- no answer, but much debate. I also asked if he is an Alien and apparently a book has been written about this. Who knew? Finally (I was on a roll, and I know he is old and fake news) I asked does Donald Trump’s hair have his own twitter account.  And yes, it had.
  4. Did Santa contract Covid to have a year off? – No answer
  5. Does Enya head bang to Metallica? –No answer
  6. Did the tooth fairy get chlamydia when I was 7 and that is why I got no money for my tooth? (At the time I was told that Chlamydia was an allergy to fish- clams, etc.) – No answer.
  7. Does a smurf artist have a ‘blue period’ when it can no longer paint?

All in all, I can safely say that it was an extremely pointless yet enlightening exercise.  I am none the wiser for trying to cyber interview a search engine.  But as a public service act at least it has now been done and I can save someone else the bother.

That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.