Dog Poop Chat

Whilst walking my dogs yesterday I overheard the following which made me smile.

  • Can you do a poop for me now? Come on now. What are the chances?

She got no reply.

  • Now, is there any way you can do a shit for me?

Again. No response. Possibly the reason for the lack of response was the fact that she was talking to her dog. The last time I checked, dogs do not talk. Huskies try, their videos are all over TikTok. In fairness, there are one or two other doggy videos where a dog will make a good effort to talk to their owner, but by and large, dogs do not speak. Here are some of the dogs attempting to talk.

As I was walking away from her, I could not help smiling to myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I chat regularly with my dogs, but I draw the line at negotiating with them to poop.

Sometimes when I am going out and leaving them for a while, I notice the book by my bed and recommend they have a read. Upon my return, I ask them what they thought. It’s like a canine book club. This week’s book is, The Bee Sting, by Paul Murray. There are no mentions of dogs in the book, so far, which probably means that they will be less interested. The last book I read that featured a dog was, A Dog’s Purpose. They loved it, or I like to think that they did. And when I am not ensconced in my delightful delusions, I remind myself that dogs do not talk or read. But they do give the best cuddles.

All the best

Stay fab