Doggy Vision

I love it when my two dogs, Buzz and Finn, spot another dog they like and begin a circle of sniffing each other’s behind. It is essentially a ‘Sniffing circle of joy,’ as they all have doggiegasms. Dogs have roughly forty times more smell-sensitive receptors than humans, making their sense of smell forty times stronger than ours. They can also smell up to forty feet underground.

Scientists have trained them for drug detection and now detection of cancer in humans as well as Covid and blood sugar irregularities. I recently learnt that they could fly as emotional support animals, not like Superman, but on an Airplane. I knew that they are used for the blind and special needs, but it seems there is no end to how amazing they are.

Occasionally my two dogs bark at passersby. It could be because they do not like the colour of their socks, but they particularly despise delivery men such as Amazon, An Post and DPD. I can only imagine that maybe they are anti-capitalist and anti-materialist, although it is more likely they just hate delivery drivers.

I give them treats when they are quiet as a positive reward. Lately, whilst giving them a treat, I say- Peace be with you, to keep a peaceful, bark-free environment. But I do feel like a priest giving them the host. It makes me smile.

All the best

Stay fab