Inspirational Retreats Part Three

Tantric and Orgasmic meditation will forever be associated with Sting and Trudie Styler. I believe it is taught in marketing degrees as one of the greatest media faux pas. Since he mentioned his proclivity for Tantric sex thirty years ago, he has been forever associated with it. There are now retreats that will help you train to achieve the best orgasm. Who knew?

Silent retreats do what they say on the tin. Drug retreats allow attendees to practice taking Class A drugs in a safe and guided space. A Fuck it, farting and silent retreat would be a great amalgamation of the three. Retreats that practice Cold water therapy, breathwork and Cryotherapy help circulation, reduce inflammation and allow the recipient to feel rejuvenated. The hyperoxygenation of the blood in deep breathing resets the mind and body.

Prison pampering also does what it says on the tin by pampering inmates with manicures, pedicures, massages, facials and haircuts. They pay for the services out of their earnings in prison and can receive vocational training in these areas as well as in baking, sewing, and handicrafts to prepare them for employment upon release.

Kambo-frog poison and Ayahuasca are all the rage now. People can travel to the Amazon for an authentic, immersive experience. I have tried Kambo, but it did not work for me. Seven holes were burnt into my upper arm, and the frog poison was applied for absorption. The practice involves purging through vomiting and can allow the recipient to access suppressed emotions in their subconscious. Upon application, I felt a profound wave of nausea for about an hour but little else.

Ayahuasca claims to cure mental and physical illness via communication with the spirit world, as it can be a very transformative and spiritual experience. As an Amazonian plant-based brew containing the potent psychoactive DMT, the concoction is drunk, and the recipient will then experience a profound, guided drug-like state that will access their unconscious. Many seek ayahuasca retreats to overcome trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mental health issues. It claims to re-wire your brain, but it needs careful consideration like everything.

I am off to book a Silent, Farting and Fuck It retreat.

All the best

Stay fab