Epic animals


TikTok has given us animals gurning, talking, ordering food from McDonalds, and skateboarding. Is there anything that animals cannot do?

Well actually yes. Pick up their own poop. That’s what. I‘ve seen videos of Labradors on TikTok bringing in the groceries for their owner. Surely cleaning up after themselves is not a million miles away from this?

Perhaps somebody could design a hoover that a dog could use? I would be one happy bunny. I reckon that they are just like Gary Larson cartoons.  When we are not looking they are upright watching TV, smoking cigars and drinking brandy.

I jest. Of course. I don’t know where I would be without Buzz and Finn. They are my free therapy.  Everyone has been talking about the merits of mindfulness for many years now. In my mind you can get no better mindfulness than walking or petting a dog. It just seems to be such a powerful grounding exercise.

Some people say- like ‘Ricky Gervais’ who is a passionate dog lover- that we don’t deserve them. That they are too good for us. I beg to differ.  Others talk about identifying their spirit animal.  Well, mine are twofold.  One is named Buzz and the other is Finn.

I will forever gloriously pick up their poop as long they continue to be the very very good dogs that they are. I will not, however, be supplying brandy and cigars at will.


That’s all for now

Stay fab