Father Ted and Little Britain

I hear you’re a racist now, Father


I was reminded of my trip to Achill when I came across this clip-on YouTube the other day. We were driving around the Island looking for the beautiful Silver Strand Beach when I stopped to ask a local lady for directions.  Her looks and manner reminded me of the character in this video.  The lady wearing the wellies.   The fact that we were also on a remote Island was not lost on me either.

She was so friendly and we chatted for a while.   It almost appeared that she may have been working for Achill Tourism as she was keen to ensure that we were aware of all of the scenic spots on the Island.

The weather was woeful and we were anxious to find the beach before the weather got any worse.  But she kept on chatting and advising us where to go for groceries and take away food.  When we drove away, we were still wonderfully amazed and surprised by her friendliness.

On the subject of racism Little Britain’s ‘Marjorie’ has to be one of the most offensive and openly prejudiced and racist characters out there.

Little Britain Mira/Moira Compilation


I am pretty sure that this sketch would not be allowed today but it does not detract from the fact that it is hilarious.  It also parodies a racist which is refreshing in and of itself.  Who wants to be one of them?

Here is Dave Chapelle in all his magnificence discussing racism.





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