Low Rock Calendar

My friends that I have the pleasure of swimming with were telling me of a man that we often see down at Low Rock where we swim.    He is not particularly bashful when dressing or undressing pre- and post-swimming.

However, they told me that they had seen much more than they had bargained for the previous day.     Apparently, he took the term ‘Low Rock’ literally as they said that his were hanging very low above the rocks for all to see and admire.

He is not unusual in his manner.   For various reasons many of us have on occasion most likely had our bits out for show whilst dressing.  This inspired me to think of a ‘Low Rock Calendar’.

Think ‘The Calendar Girls (and Boys)’ but without any grace or dignity whatsoever.  It could also be called the nipple, rock and camel toe calendar.

This could perhaps be the most alternative calendar out there.  Who needs nice pictures of folk posing to highlight their best side when our calendar could have the following

January– Female Camel Toe Month-perfectly illustrated above by Ms.Minaj

February– Low Rock Month- as in the man mentioned above.

March– Nipples out Month

April– Wedgie Month

May– Budgie smuggler Month

June– No waxing lady garden Month

July – Mankini Month. Praise Sacha Baron Cohen and ‘Borat’ for this magnificent invention.

August- Dodgy tan lines Month

September– Dodgy swimsuit Month. Meghan and Harry/Hairy at their finest.

October– String suit Month

November– Spaniel’s Ears Month (I can model for this one)

December– Male Camel Toe Month

Let me know what you think and which charity may wish to benefit from such an amazing calendar.


All the best

Stay fab