Finn, ‘The love machine’

Last year when Finn was a puppy, I brought him to my friend’s house in Athenry , Galway.  She has a beautiful labradoodle named Charlie who is 11 years old but still acts like a gorgeous affectionate puppy.  Both Buzz and Finn loved playing with Charlie in my friend’s garden.  They were in doggy heaven.

We had a lovely doggie walk in the bog area close to her home. When we returned, I expected that they would be tired. However, Finn took a fancy to Charlie’s leg and started humping it.

I had to get it on video as Charlie was so nonchalant about the whole thing.  He just stood there and didn’t move. As if to say, ‘I always knew I was irresistible but I never knew that my back leg was so sexy.  Off you go Finn, knock yourself out.  It’s all yours ‘.

I am relieved to say that this behavior has stopped and in fact it is a year and a half since this video was taken and he has not done it since.  He obviously was well sated after this loving tryst and has not felt the need to repeat his performance.   It is just as well as I am pretty sure that there is not another dog in Ireland that would react in such a calm and carefree manner.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.