Bonsai Blues

I bought this feckin Bonsai last year. And look at it I can’t even return it.

All kidding aside I’ve realized that life is often about expectations. And how I manage them can determine my peace of mind at any given time. A mind in pieces or peace of mind? I prefer the latter anytime. And a latte if there is one going.

I’ve also realized that whilst I can be quick enough to pick up and learn new things that I can be just as dim in many other respects.  I suppose I am as good as I am bad.

Case in point.  I left Finn in the crate in the car the other day with Buzz.  I was gone no more than usual, 20 minutes.  As Buzz is 4 years old, I can trust him to not eat my car therefore he is not in a crate. Finn has done this. As in eaten my car. He chewed my gear stick, seat belt, brake and arm rest.  For some reason I hoped each time that he would not. Optimism (stupidity) reigned supreme.  Each time I was proved wrong. Hence the crate.

I need to put a harness on Finn as he still pulls whilst walking.  I don’t mean pulls other dogs, as in gets his jiggy on (like yesterday’s blog) but pulls me along like he is a feckin Rudolph pulling Santa on his sleigh.

Anyhoo I left the harness on him, again, thinking, that he would not chew it off him. And guess what? Gobshite extraordinaire Leahy has to buy a new harness. I would like to say I have learnt for the final time but there will be another day when I will try and see if he is over chewing anything and everything phase.

Maybe I will get him to tackle the overgrown Bonsai tree?  I have no doubt that he could whittle it down to a pencil in a few hours.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.