Poem Bliss



Listening to my minds voice
I choose choice
Freedom of will
I choose to stand still
To sense the earth’s pulse beneath the soil
To listen and not to toil
To inhale the earth’s breath on the wind
To my bliss I will attend

I will bathe in the sea
Let its watery kiss caress me
Let the wind blow my mind
Then let it whisper kind
Words to soothe my soul
With the birdsong to make me whole

The doubts and wherefores
Can scurry along
As my heart swells
And my senses belong

Too long I have counted the cost of my pain
Day mares reliving again and again
The seething resentment
Becomes soothing content
The ego and pride
Have been moved aside

Whilst I whisper my blessings
And give thanks for the day
As long as I have this moment

I will always find a way.

By Adele Leahy