Fleabag Finn

Recently I have mentioned how I have been manifesting things in a more frequent manner than normal. Yesterday’s blog was paying homage to Phoebe Waller Bridge and Andrew Scott in ‘Fleabag’.  And today I am mortified to announce that I have my very own personal ‘Fleabag ’aka ‘Fleabag Finn’.

My lovely little pooch has feckin fleas.   I wouldn’t mind but I had defleaed both Buzz and Finn in August with the vet recommended medicine. Which obviously didn’t work.

A cleaning neurosis has now taken over me with my eagle eye constantly on the lookout for Buzz and Finn scratching.   The washing machine is about ready to blow up with the amount of washing that has been done.

Just when I think that I have washed and cleaned everything I think of something else that could possibly be contaminated.   YouTube is always fabulous for unfortunate events such as this.

I have recently joined a dating website and considered writing in my bio’ I am a great gal with a myriad of wonderful qualities and skills however my dog has fleas’.   I thought again as perhaps this admission is one that does not need to be shared (Except here in the relative safety of my blog). I am off to wash the poor little Feckers again.

All the best

Stay Fab