Foil Arms and Hog Top 10 sketches 2009-2019

Foil Arms and Hog have to be my favorite Irish comedy trio.  Ok I know they are the only Irish comedy trio but they are also my favorite Irish comedians (besides Tommy Tiernan and Dylan Moran and The Dirt Birds). Watching them live has got to be one of the best nights out.

A lesser well known comedy haunt of mine is The Comedy Cellar above The International Bar in Dublin.   It is a tiny venue with a tiny very steep stairs leading up to a small darkened room with a bar that is so small barely one man can fit behind it. The size is what makes the comedy gigs so intimate. The stairs remind me of what it must be like in Harry Potter’s Hogwarts.

On one occasion I was gingerly making my way up the stairs and there was an orderly queue of people following me.   My foot slipped and I practically sat on the fella’s head behind me. I almost gave the guy a head suppository.

When I made my bashful apologies to the guy he said ‘ I thought that I was twatted already but that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase’.    We both laughed as I scurried up the stairs trying to conceal my mortification.


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