Saoirse Ronan on Stephen Colbert

Fair play to Saoirse for trying to teach Stephen Colbert the Irish lingo.  She is one top woman.

I will try and break down some of the meanings for those that may consider visiting our fair Isle and wish to master the parlance. I am going to the jacks (toilet) after a bit of craic (fun) in Coppers.

(Copper Face Jacks-a very famous nightclub in Dublin where you can go for the shift- kissing a random stranger. Or a ride- fornicating with a random stranger) as me dancing was arseways (woeful).

At the end of a great night in Coppers, the evening would be described as ‘deadly’- fantastic.

The next morning whilst suffering from a truly woeful hangover when someone would ask you how you are you should reply’ Besides having a head that feels like a boiled cabbage I am grand’.

‘I am grand’ is the stock answer for everything in Ireland. Deviate from this at your peril. People don’t really want to know how you are as long as you are grand.

Foil Arms and Hog made the following video 5 years ago and it has received over one and a half million views,

The above clip really appeals to our Dublin diaspora around the world.

All the best

Stay fab