Cheesy Rock anyone….

Alex James-of Blur Band fame- has temporarily swapped the world of rock for cheese. As a result, I am now fascinated by other band members over the decades that have gone on to pursue very un-rock and roll careers following billboard fame.

I shall elucidate further in a tomorrow in another blog.  For any unenlightened folk I shall now promise to steer clear of any or all cheesy puns for this blog. Perhaps my pun therapy is actually paying off?

The large English Food retailer Asda have stocked Alex James weird and wonderful cheese combinations.  Cheddar & Ketchup, Cheddar & Salad cream slices as well as Cheddar Tikka Masala have all made the shelves to mixed reviews.

 I am all for challenging mediocrity but this takes it to a whole new level.  Here are some other weird pairings for your review. Can you guess which ones are real or not?  Answers at the bottom of the blog.

  1. Squid ink ice cream
  2. Chickle-Chicken served in a pickle
  3. Peanut butter and onion sandwich
  4. Avocado latte
  5. Chips dipped in Ice cream
  6. Beany donuts
  7. Hot Chocolate noodles
  8. Porridge salad
  9. Chocolate sausage
  10. Vanilla poached eggs

Ok, just to take you out of your misery. The First five items are all real tried and tested food whereas the last five are made up by my good self.   Let me know of any odd food combo that you enjoy.

Happy eating.

All the best

Stay fab