Gary Larson

Lately I have reminded myself of the pure genius that is Gary Larson and the Far side cartoons. I have mentioned him before. To the point where I have begun to imagine two dogs rescuing two humans from a human rescue center.   One says to the owner of the center ‘

Do they shed?’ and the owner replies

‘Yes, she has a She shed and he has a He shed’.

There have been many other cartoonists who have used dogs as owners of humans but Larson has to be my fav.

The other day whilst I was sitting with my friends following our sea swim, I was looking at a group of ducks in the water. A seagull swooped in over them and nearly took one out. I thought to myself ‘What do they say to each other if they want to advise one another to duck?’

I realize that the above thoughts are indicative of a very slow day indeed but they humored me during the moment.

That’s all for now

Stay fab